Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Witches, Doughnuts and the Wig

Ok, here we go with some more pics. We had Carnival (Pust) last few days. It's like Halloween in America... well, similar - with costumes and trick-or-treats, but without pumpkins :).
It's a traditional Carnival when kids (and some grown ups who still have a kid inside!) dress in different customes and go around to get some candies. In the past it was an event with a purpose to scare winter away. Hope that works nowadays as well as I am sick of this cold weather!

We were witches, again! Nina went to school dressed like on the first pic. Well, Lin, who would be just apropriate companion of such a cute little witch, had to stay at home. I just wore wig at work and changed clothes before I picked up Nina at school. Of course I was the only parent in a costume, but I'm already used to that! We went around for a while and then ended up in my parents house, after we visited all the neighbours there. We got a whole bag of candies so Nina was rather pleased.

My mum baked our traditional doughnuts, which have to be baked during Carnival. Well, we're weird family so our doughnuts are not really traditionaly decorated with sugar :). And these dougnuts were so delicious!! Yummie! On the right pic is my dad - enjyoing, as you can see!

Ohh, and the wig. That's my new wig I bought for this year. Left pic was taken at work, my co-workers had a lot of fun watching me with long hair and trying this wig. My mum couldn't resist putting it on later as well. I have to admit she looks good with long hair; when she was much younger, she used to have hair about that long while my hair had always been rather short... or very short :). This color looks pretty good; perhaps I should consider changing my hair color from black to brown or red. We'll see...


Moja said...

Jooooj kolk sem jst lačna! Bi mi prov pasu en takle krof :))

Karen said...

Nina looks great and so do you. Looks like a good time was had by all :-)

Andreja said...

Poznam te že par let in če bi te takole nekje srečala te sigurno ne bi spoznala :))