Monday, February 06, 2006

My latest creations (6)

Hello again...

... after quite some time. Thanks very much, Kenny, for reminding me I hve this blog here :). You're so sweet!

Ok, here are the pics of the things I've been doing lately. Polymer clay, of course. I work with Fimo because it's the only brand of polymer clay we can get here. I haven't tried other brands but Fimo works rather fine. Except transparent - I just can't figure it out. Perhaps I will after some more practicing. The results for now are just quite awful, so I'm not using it at all.

Anyway, first here are few sets of beads that I've made in last two weeks or so. I think they pretty neat, except the red/gold set which turned out too monotonous. I will try to combine it with more colourful beads and maybe I can actually make something with these beads as well. We'll see about that.

Not so good set of red beads on the left, and set of small plate beads for bracelet and necklace.

Beads after enamel finish on the left; on the right pendants from scrap clay... by-products, sort of :).

And some more pendants... the two on the right are finished, they just need to be put on something, I haven't decided yet what that would be.

Two of finished necklaces... I just love these beads, I really think they turned out really good. By the way, I was working with pink on request; my friend wants to have a necklace in such color, so I started with these pink beads.

And another two in pink.

Some of the canes I've made lately. Some were used for the bottles of hopes and some for beads.

My first try of caleidoscope cane on the left and sort of brain cane on the right.

And few more bottles of hope. I need to make few more till the end of this week!

Well, that's it. Hope you enjoyed your stay. I'll be back! :)


Karen said...

Saying that you are extremely talented would be an understatement. Very, very nice work!

nuska iz kr said...


This is absolutely amazing! I don't know nothing about polymer clay, but I wish I know how to make jewelry like this!

Amazaing work, really!

Best regards and make many more nice pieces of art!

v7ndotcom elursrebmem said...

Wow nice creation!

ITS said...

That's hot!

I bet you are a freak in the bed, Roberta!

Maija said...

your works are beautiful :)
(even the pink ones :))

Mary Kaye said...

Are you kidding? Those red/gold beads are stunning, in a very subtle way. I'd buy them if I saw them at a bead show. And I really, REALLY like your brain cane kaleidoscope - I never thought of that; now I'm going to have to try it.

Anonymous said...

i loved it. they are really gorgeous. I have been trying to work with fimo too and I'm just s~tarting. I don't know how to make the flowers, but I'm going to start to follow you blog, I~'m going to learn something from here for sure.
You have amazing works :)