Thursday, August 17, 2006


I can't do anything, I still have pain in my back and left leg. It got worse again few days ago. My doctor said I should get used to having pain; and that I should get used to taking pain killing pills. Well, my dear doctor, I don't want that! I am sure there is something that can be done about my problem. Which also is a problem of many of you out there. What do you do? How do you fight against it? My strategy:

1. Start exercising (Today! Maybe tomorrow... Or after tomorrow... Nah, I will try today, if I feel good enough later)
2. Lose weight (slowly... and it is about time! I still have to sign contract with my FB about this, it will be like competition - and of course I intend to win!)
3. Go to the therapy (I have just called to the medical center - waiting time: up to 6 months! They must be kidding!)
4. Go for a walk every day (starting today! And just for the record, I will not go for a walk when it is raining or snowing or when I have guests or I am somewhere or have work to do or,... yep, you are right, I don't like walks)
5. Sit less (tough one, but I will try - maybe I will have to stand in front of my computer now instead of sitting; I will think about re-modeling my desk!)
6. Lift things carefuly (I will do my best... I think it is about time I get myself a husband. Someone who will lift things and carry heavy bags and put socks on my feet when I am too sore to bend, and bring me a glass of water and things like that)
7. Make an appointment with chyropractor (next week, I think)

Ummmm... any other suggestions??? What can I do? What should I do? Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Meni j epomagala toplotna terapija, obsevanje s toploto.Kiropraktika pa ne priporocam, razen ce res ves da je dober.Lahko ti namrec naredi vec skode kot koristi.
Cimprejsnje okrevanje ti zelim!


Karen said...

I would get a second opinion from a second doctor!

Get better soon.

NJKS said...

I would most definitely talk to at least one other Doctor!

My first flare-up was 25 years ago coming home from the Rose Bowl game. Flying home from Cal. to Mich. was unbearable. That time I was cured (?) by traction and deep heat ultrasound.

My current flare-up happened during an intense family weekend at my house with a picnic for 35, a bridal shower, and a party at Mother's Assisted Living, and while hostessing 3 houseguests for the month of July. At my age I should have known better.
I'm not into the herbal stuff, so I was very glad to have prescription pain meds. I have written up my sciatica experiences in my blog.
Please feel free to read and comment. You never know when some little bit of info might turn out to be a big help.

Good luck, take it very easy, and see a different Doc!