Sunday, December 23, 2007

First International Bead Swap Finished

These are my beads for the First International Bead Swap on European Polymerclay People Forum. We had to make 2 sets of 10 beads and send them to 2 participants. My two sets found their new home in Isreal and USA. In return, I got two different sets of beads and I am going to post pics of them tomorrow. I hope that was just one of many swaps there as it is always fun (and a bit of pressure, too) making things for someone else.

I made one focal bead for each set and 10 beads in 5 different patterns and sizes (so that's 11 beads, but I guess that's ok as well - if there is a focal bead it's good that you have even number of beads for each side, right?). I was working with translucent clay which I haven't figured out completely yet... but I was quite pleased with the final result. All beads are sanded and polished.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Still Making Christmas Cards

Hello again. I'm so busy lately and so not in the mood for posting. Not much is going on but it is obvious that the end of the year is approching as days are getting even shorter as they were. Not really shorter, they are just passing by with the speed of light. Mostly what I do is go to work in the morning after having serious troubles with getting up; I don't sleep well and I don't sleep enough so I wake up really tired day after day. Luckily I have fantastic co-workers and those 8+ hours I spend at work are not that hard, although a bit stressful time is starting in our accounting department which will last until mid January when we must have our balance and all the reports prepared. When I get home it's almost night (it gets dark at about 5 pm at this time). Then we usually do few things for school - I still have to help Nina to study, she makes most of her homework as soon as she gets from school so fortunately I don't have to worry about that. We have something to eat, go shopping or visit friends or have someone coming over,... and the day is over. The only thing I had time and will to do in the past two weeks or so was making cards. I never liked making them but since I bought some papers and other stuff it's much more fun. Now I actually love it! Here are some of them (if the slide is not working on your computer, you can see them here as well):

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