Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A New Statue

This is our new statue. Cute, isn't it? Well, in fact it is a "she".

I never thought I was a cat lover. Obviously I am, since this is the second cat that found a home here. Nina wanted a dog and was bothering me with that for years. Then we made a deal that we would have a cat since we can't afford to take care of a dog because we simply don't have enough time. We agreed we would take some time to gather information about how to take care of a cat and find a cute little one with a pedigree... well, we didn't have time for all that because my friend found a cute little one in her garden. We went there just to take a look; but of course we fell in love with the small black fur ball immediately and took him home.

Then Nina wanted another cat so that Lin would have some company when we are not at home. I said when we find a white one with a long fur, we will take it. I thought that will take few years or maybe... like never! I was so wrong again. Soon after that my co-worker informed me that they have a white cat with long fur that needs a new home. Well, what should one do in a situation like this? We went to see her, and of course took it home immediately.

She is really cute and we can pet her whenever we want, which we can't do with Lin. Right now, as I write this, Nina is sitting on a sofa with Liza in her lap. And with white cat fur all over her nice brown shirt. That is the bad part of having long fur cats and that part is driving me crazy! Our flat will never be clean again! But I love them all the same, I guess, and Nina is a happy and responsible cat owner. Cats seem to be happy too, so everything is fine. Who cares about a mum who gets upset now and then because of all that fur?

Monday, January 29, 2007


It's hard to write a post after such a long time of no writing, specially if one doesn't have any good excuse for being absent. And not much to say about the time that passed. Not that I feel I need any real excuse for being away from this blog, but I know there are some people coming back to see if there are any new posts. They are the main reason I've decided I will keep going. I like to write and sometimes I just have to write, but somehow I've turned this blog into craft-oriented blog and somehow I just didn't write when I didn't have something new to show. Which is rather stupid, and I will change that now. So, from now on I will write more. About everything that is going on. About my days, sciatica problems, Nina, cat fur around the flat that is driving me mad, about the cake I made, about what my friend said about the other friend, about thoughts that are going on in my head and so on. At least I will try to. It's not January 1st, which is usually the best day for making new resolutions :), but it will have to be ok all the same.

That's it for now, I guess...