Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Happy Birthday Nina!!!

Exactly 8 years ago at 13:26 I gave birth to the most beautiful girl. My lovely, kind, clever, sweet daughter Nina.

Actually I wanted to name her Gea. All the time through my pregnancy I was sure it is a girl and I was sure her name would be Gea. Finally it was my mum's decision - as a thank you "gift" for all the sacrifices she made, but most of all for being there with me in the most important moment of my life - the moment I became a mother. I asked her to choose between Gea or Nina - and even before I asked her I knew what her answer will be.

But name is not important after all - I have the best daughter and I will keep trying to do my best to be a good mother to her.


You really are an amazing child, do you know that? Sure you do, I'm telling you this rather often. I love you and you are my biggest treasure in the whole wide world. Should I tell you how much I love you? Ok, I'll say it our way... here it goes - I love you to the Sun and back and to the Moon and back and to the all stars and back and to Saturn and back and to the black hole and back,... :))

I love just everything about you - you're very well behaved; you know how to talk to kids and how to talk to grown-ups (and how to charm them!); you know how to say "I'm sorry"; I love it when you make me laugh as well as when I make you laugh, usualy followed by your request for more jokes or silly acting; you're sweet when you get angry at things that seem unfair to you; you have most astonishing ideas in that young head of yours and you really surprise me with them sometimes; you're curious and learn new things very fast; you're kind of cute even when you're grumpy; and so on.

Really it seems you were just a baby a short while ago. You're a young lady now (with your own mobile phone!!) with a lot of good qualities and talents, but to tell you the truth - you're still my baby :). Have a wonderful day today, honey! I wish you all the best today and always!

P.S. Now that you're 8, could you please consider moving back to your room and sleeping in your own bed?!


Tina said...

Vse najboljse, ljuba Nina! Ostani se naprej tako ljubka deklica in naj ti vedno sije soncek!

Mayhem said...

Vse najboljše in najlepše! :)))

Simona said...

Nina, želim ti veliko zdravja in sreče, pa da bi bila pridna v šoli in ubogaj mamico - pa lepo praznuj!