Friday, February 24, 2006

Shopping And Sorting

Now, don't these two boxes look great? I'm very pleased with the result because I was able to put in all kind of stuff that was lying around and I was really spending far too much time for searching for different things. It was about time to do some
sorting and replacing and organizing there. Now everything is in one place. Well, two, to be exact! One box is just for polymer clay and another one for beads. I have all that sorted this way for few days now and it is just perfect, no more piles of different material on my desk, now I can take out only the things I need for working!

I also sorted some of the beads and small pieces into these cute boxes (bought in fisher's shop!) and they are great because they are pretty small. I have beads in about 5 more boxes like these, but they are much bigger. I'll probably buy few more and replace all of them.

Here are the things I bought in last few days... things I don't really need but I like them all and most of them will come handy sometimes, I'm sure. I promised myself I wouldn't buy any more beads... but I broke that promise again! I just can't help myself!!!

On the left pic you can see paper laces that I bought today. It's a new technique for creating all kind of decorations and I'm not really sure yet how this works, but I saw a beautiful butterfly pendant made by my friend the other day and it really looks amazing! I need to try that... I guess that's what I'll be doing tomorrow!

And on the right pic you can see wonderful vintage postcards I got the other day from Russia. Thanks a lot, Andreja! I really love them - and so does our cat Lin, as you can see! :) I'll make sure to give few of these postcards back... just in a little different form! ;)


Nadezhda said...

I was wondering how much money you spent on beads, polymer clay and other accessories. Not only do you seem to have quite a stock, you also seem to use it very often. :)

Also, I'm interested in working with polymer clay myself, (especially making jewellry) and was wondering if you could recommend some web-links with information on how to begin.

Thanks and keep up the good work! :)

thilde said...

comme c'est bien rangé...j'en suis loin!!!
je constate que vous aimez beaucoup la fimo!
bonne vie