Friday, February 10, 2006

I'm Sick Of This Pink!

Yes, I really am sick of it. I must stop though I have quite some beads left. Dajana was here the other day, we chatted while I was putting together one of these necklaces (while she was "stealing" pieces of all the polymer clay canes I have left :)) ) and she said: "How can you work with this color for days? This is not you! This is not your color!".
Well, it isn't really, but I like the way this beads turned out. I would not wear those things though - but, after all, I'm not making them for myself. It's time I change color and perhaps make something for myself to wear.
I have to run now... to have a good time with my friends. Hope you're having a nice time as well. See you!


Karen said...

Pink isn't my thing either, but those necklaces are beautiful nevertheless!
Very nice!

Maija said...

your works are beautiful :)
(even the pink ones :))

J-a-n-e-t said...

I love pink... it's my favorite color and your creations are just wonderful!!

Alilia said...

Pink is also my color, and I agree with j-a-n-e-t... your creations are amazing... the necklaces, the bottles of hope, the flower plates and paintings...

Just beautiful :-)

zoe said...

oh my, i rather like three of those - even if pink isn't my colour. they have to be seen to be bought :)

wonderfully creative.