Saturday, November 26, 2005

Can someone turn off the snowing, please?

This is the view from my living room window. It has been snowing all afternoon yesterday and all night long and it seems it has no intention to stop. It's nice, I don't deny that... but I still think we have enough of snow for now. I mean, winter even hasn't started yet officially and snow in the cities is causing nothing but troubles. I like snow around Christmas time and during the school winter vacation which is in February, but otherwise in my opinion it should be forbiden for snow to fall in the cities, it should be just the privilege of mountains!

So, dear whoever, turn it off now and save some for Christmas, please! Thanks in advance!

I'm going out now to find my car and save it from all this snow. Hmmm... I need to find a broom and shovel first. And I just wonder how many cars on the parking lot I will have to clean till I find the right one?!?


Mayhem said...

Now I know where you live ;)

Roberta said...

Oh my... should I be afraid??? :))

Christopher Trottier said...

That is a really beautiful photograph.

kenny said...

why is everything white? what is that?

Roberta said...

LOL!! Kenny - that is... you know, small cotton balls falling from the sky :)