Monday, March 06, 2006


Usually I don't remember any of my dreams. It was a bit different today as I woke up with the image of rainbow in my head and a slight memory of my struggles to pull it out of the ground... I have no idea why would I want to do that - perhaps I wanted to take it home; or just turn it around. Or free it and let it go. I really don't know. But now I do know few things about rainbows I didn't know before: they have very strong colourless roots and they are attached to the ground with them - and I think it's impossible to pull them out with the bare hands. They're warm. They're very soft and your hands kind of slip into it; but you feel it and can actually hold it. It would be impossible to climb on one because they're too light. They produce some kind of a tune, but it's not like music, it's more like whispering, but it's not talking. Barely audible sound... very pleasant one. And colours of the rainbow are, of course, just amazing!

So, if you have ever wondered about how rainbow really looks like or how it would be to touch it, perhaps you have a slightly better picture now :).

P.S. Do you think I have watched too many episodes of "Lost" this weekend? :))


Anonymous said...

I'm just happy to discover that you're still alive.

Karen said...

Thanks for sharing that lovely dream!
And no, that petition did not work :-(