Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Autumn is here for sure. Though last few days were sunny and warm the nights are very cold already. Yesterday the front window of my car was covered with a thin layer of ice!!! Trees are getting more and more beautiful every day with all those wonderful colors of leaves from green and pale yellow to dark red, some even with violet shades.

I like spring becuase everything is getting to life; I like summer because it is hot and I'm always full of energy; I like winter because of... let me think... ummm... snow and skiing; and I like autumn because of its colors! And sweet chestnuts. And warm windy days. And piles of leaves on the ground. And because there will be a smell of Christmas in the air soon. But mostly because of its most beautiful colors. Like the ones on the above picture.


Mayhem said...

Nicely put, Robi :) I see we like the seasons for the same things. Sweet :)

Oh and Christmas doesn't smell ;)

Roberta said...

Thanks Mayhem, I'm glad we agree.

But this one about Christmas - like autumn has all kind of colors, Christmas has all kind of smells - like smell of fresh pine sprigs, cinnamon, snow, drying oranges, freshly baked cookies... and so on :).
If you don't trust me, come to visit before Christmas, and if you're lucky you'll get a cookie or a piece of pastry... ;)

Mayhem said...

Don't tempt me ;)