Friday, February 24, 2006

No Title For This One

What to write when you have no idea what to write about? And when you're so sleepy that you can't even think? I know, you would say that I haven't written in weeks, so why do I need to write right now? Well, it's because I have some free time at work; I'm too sleepy and too tired to work but I can't go home yet. Which is rather cruel, isn't it? They should let me go home and have a rest - that way I would work much better tomorrow! :) Oh, right, tomorrow is Saturday and I don't work; which is a rather nice thought.

I'm trying to figure out what should I do first when I come home. Oh, by the way, Nina is with her dad this week. The kids have holidays and she went skiing to BadKleinkirchkeim (I'm sure I misspelled this name, but I will not check it now), Austria with him. I remember skiing there years ago - the people in the travel agency told us there's enough snow for skiing, but when we have arrived there were cows pasturing on the hills where the ski slopes should be!! There was almost no snow at all! We were driving 30 km every day to come to the place which actually had a snow on the ski slopes (I forgot the name of the place) and there were few really tough runs so we all enjoyed anyway.

So, what to do when I got home? I bought 2 big tool boxes - one for polymer clay and the other one for the beads. I sorted some of the things in these boxes and it looks great. Now I have to sort other things somehow as well, other material like napkins, glue, paint, decoupage paper and prints, sea shells, clay,... I should do that because I spend too much time searching for things. I have to make a necklace for my mum (she wants pink!!!! - but necklaces I have now are not good enough for her because she wants dirty pink... did I say the other day that I hate pink? Dirty pink, light pink or pink pink - it's still pink and I really don't like it at the moment!! :)) ). I should make another necklace and bracelet for mum's friend. Oh, and some kind of spring flower, 3 easter eggs and another easter gift - for swaps. I must go to the library and return the books. I have to stop by at friends house to pick up some colors she got for me,... It's good I always have so many things to do... it's never boring. One day I would like to lay on my couch in front of tv and spend all the afternoon and evening that way! Why don't I do that when I have time, you ask? Oh, come on, don't be silly - I can't afford to do that at all, there are too many things that need to be done - I have to finish necklaces, write emails, chat with my friends,... Am I spending too much time sitting in front of the computer? Ohhh, yes, I do!

a: No wonder you can't do everything you want!
b: What do you mean?
a: Well, you spend far too much time sitting infront of the computer!!
b: So what, I like it?!
a: Of course you like it, you're addicted!
b: Even if I am... I still do a lot of things!
a: You do, but not as much as you would without a computer!
b: I can't help myself, I have to check if there's any email for me or if there's someone online waiting for me!
a: But you're doing that far too often!!
b: You know my inbox is full all the time, and there's forum I need to check constantly,...
a: Excuses!! And another inbox, right?
b: Yeah, right! So what?
a: And you want to convince me it has nothing to do with FB?
b: Well, it does, I admit.
a: You're addicted!!!
b: Maybe...
a: You're addicted and that's the fact - and you're in love!
b: Yes I am... can you shut up now, please, and let me go back to my email?!?

a = voice No. 1 in my head
b = voice No. 2 in my head

Btw, I don't have a multiple personality disorder (at least not that I know of!) but I do talk to myself - I like to have conversation with smart, wise and witty people, so I'm just the right person :))))! Is that strange? Do you do that as well?

Oh well, that's it for now. I'll be back later with some pics of my cute tool boxes and other things!! :)


Andreas said...

You're funny, little girl.

Karen said...

I have conversations like that with myself all the time - I think nothing of it ;-)

fb said...