Monday, October 31, 2005

Photo Friday 4 - "Delicate"

Photo Friday - Delicate
I know it's not Friday today... but who cares anyway! Orchids are delicate plants - but always so beautiful with their breathtaking flowers.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My latest creations (4)

I don't have time to do anything special lately. My days are so busy with other things that I simply can't find a time for my creations. Well, that's all that I've made in past few days.

The bottom two plates are made of plaster, which was poured into the mould made of fresh clay. Very interesting and rather easy technique with interesting and very unpredictable results. Kids can easily do that as well. The white one was made by Nina, I just helped her a little bit.

My Dad is still in hospital. He is not doing so good after the surgery. Everything was fine for first
two days, but then he got temperature, troubles
with blood pressure and puls beat. They somehow fixed that, but next day he had troubles with breathing and they put him to a machine which measured his breathing constantly. Today he had an X-ray examination of his lower part of abdomen as he had severe pain. Doctors said everything is fine and that we should not worry as he will be ok and all that is just normal (???). I just hope they know what they're doing!!!

Get well soon Daddy, please and come back home, we need you here!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

My Dad's Illnes

My dad is in hospital. He's going to have a surgical operation tomorrow. Last week they found out he has a tumor on his bowel. My dad, who has never been ill??? This is not possible! We were all nervous all week long because of the fear the tissue is cancerous... and we were told today that it most probably isn't. I'm so relieved! We'll know more about all that tomorrow after the surgery is over but now I'm sure he will be just fine.

Last few days I've been thinking about our lives a lot. About us as a family - my parents, my brother and me. We've always been very close as a family. Talking a lot about all kind of things. We always laugh a lot and sometimes cry together (we laughed this week as well... though we mostly cried). We've never had financial problems, there were no severe illneses and just few deaths of persons close to us. Even my grandmother, who turned 86 this year, still lives alone and takes care of herself.
  • When I was about 10, my other grandmother drowned and her body was never found. Perhaps she commited suicide, but we will never know that.
  • My brother once blew up his room and himself when he was trying to make a gunpowder or something like that - his hand was torn apart and he had few pieces of glass in his eyes, but doctors fix him and he was fine in no time.
  • I got burned all over my face when I was skiing in high mountains one spring. I had all face covered with bladders - and after some time everything peeled off. No scars left fortunately.
  • We had a very serious car crash once - with all 4 of us in the car. Mum's elbow broke, we got few scars and that's it. All of them who later saw our car were very surprised when they've heard we were all fine. And all of them said the same thing - that we should thank the man above or someone else that we're still alive, that we surely have someone who's watching over us. We still celebrate our second birthdays on that day.
  • Nina's father left me when I was 6 months pregnant. It was a complete shock for me as well as for my family. I know they suffered almost as much as I did but they helped me a lot to got back on my feet.
These are the most horrible things that happened to us. And they are not really horrible because everything that happened was fixed with no serious consequences. Maybe that's the reason this thing with my dad hit us so hard. But when this is all over and my dad is fine again, I will be able to say again that my life is just perfect!

Send him your positive energy if you have any left, please! Thanks!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Autumn is here for sure. Though last few days were sunny and warm the nights are very cold already. Yesterday the front window of my car was covered with a thin layer of ice!!! Trees are getting more and more beautiful every day with all those wonderful colors of leaves from green and pale yellow to dark red, some even with violet shades.

I like spring becuase everything is getting to life; I like summer because it is hot and I'm always full of energy; I like winter because of... let me think... ummm... snow and skiing; and I like autumn because of its colors! And sweet chestnuts. And warm windy days. And piles of leaves on the ground. And because there will be a smell of Christmas in the air soon. But mostly because of its most beautiful colors. Like the ones on the above picture.

Happy Birthday Nina!!!

Exactly 8 years ago at 13:26 I gave birth to the most beautiful girl. My lovely, kind, clever, sweet daughter Nina.

Actually I wanted to name her Gea. All the time through my pregnancy I was sure it is a girl and I was sure her name would be Gea. Finally it was my mum's decision - as a thank you "gift" for all the sacrifices she made, but most of all for being there with me in the most important moment of my life - the moment I became a mother. I asked her to choose between Gea or Nina - and even before I asked her I knew what her answer will be.

But name is not important after all - I have the best daughter and I will keep trying to do my best to be a good mother to her.


You really are an amazing child, do you know that? Sure you do, I'm telling you this rather often. I love you and you are my biggest treasure in the whole wide world. Should I tell you how much I love you? Ok, I'll say it our way... here it goes - I love you to the Sun and back and to the Moon and back and to the all stars and back and to Saturn and back and to the black hole and back,... :))

I love just everything about you - you're very well behaved; you know how to talk to kids and how to talk to grown-ups (and how to charm them!); you know how to say "I'm sorry"; I love it when you make me laugh as well as when I make you laugh, usualy followed by your request for more jokes or silly acting; you're sweet when you get angry at things that seem unfair to you; you have most astonishing ideas in that young head of yours and you really surprise me with them sometimes; you're curious and learn new things very fast; you're kind of cute even when you're grumpy; and so on.

Really it seems you were just a baby a short while ago. You're a young lady now (with your own mobile phone!!) with a lot of good qualities and talents, but to tell you the truth - you're still my baby :). Have a wonderful day today, honey! I wish you all the best today and always!

P.S. Now that you're 8, could you please consider moving back to your room and sleeping in your own bed?!

Friday, October 14, 2005


Today I have a day off. I should do some cleaning and organise few things, not to mention the huge pile of clothes that are waiting to be ironed... but I am not in a mood for any of these things. Like usually :).

So I'm sitting here in front of the computer and thinking what to write about. Nothing comes to my mind actually. I was rather busy this week, I did so many things but there's nothing to show. At least not yet. I made about 20 small polymer clay sculptured plates for first swap I'm hosting - but I can't post any pictures yet as this must be my little secret till the end of next week.

This is our first swap with the other art/cratf freaks from "Skrinjica idej" (translated to English that would be something like: small chest of ideas) forum and I'm happy that so many girls registered. Yep, just girls! It seems this kind of creativity is reserved just for female population :). Anyway, I am looking forward to see all the lovely things they've made. Oh, and the topic is "Fridge Magnets" - I will post some pictures when the swap is closed.

I'm also looking forward for our first creativitiy meeting next weekend. One of the girls managed to find a place where we can gather and have workshops. Yippie!!! It will be so nice to see them all and to put faces to the names and nicknames. I'm sure there will not only be a lot of chatting, but also a lot of creativity shown. It's always good to learn something new as well as it is good to share your knowledge with the others.

Oh, and by the way, some of my jewelry can be seen on TV Paprika few times a week now, thanks to Irena!

I need to make an invitations for Nina's birthday party next week. She will turn 8 on 19th... it seems like she was a baby not so long ago and now she will turn 8?!? I already gave her a present - a mobile phone, really cute one, Nokia 6101 or something like that. That was actually the thing she wanted most for quite some time. Before I bought it, her father asked me (when he brought her back home after they spent weekend together) if I think it is a good idea and if she really needs a phone. I just said: "No!". Really I don't think this is a good idea and I know there is no need for kids to have a mobile phone at this age. But... what could I do? I mean, she doesn't really need it, but it is not harmful to have one, right? Besides, it's a good way to learn about finances as she will have to pay for her calls. And what's most important, she is soooo happy to have it - and I can always use this phone when I want to make her do something - it's a perfect weapon for "blackmail"! :) "If you don't do that immediately, I will have to take your phone!"... Luckily I don't have to use such sentences in our relationship - but you never know! :)

From "nothing comes to my mind actually" at the beginning of this post to babbling about my daughter... watch out for the day I will really have something to say!! :)

Have to go... have a great weekend, all of you who read this!

Photo Friday (3) - "Conspicuous"

Another challenge for Photo Friday contest. Theme: Conspicuous.

This picture was taken in Tunisia, where we spent one week this spring. We were actually on island Djerba and I guess I don't have to mention that we had great time there.

We went to few trips, one of them was to continental part of Tunisia all the way to where Sahara desert starts. We were riding camels there, few miles into the desert. When we stopped to get some rest there was nothing around but the sand (and camel droppings!!). I climbed to a sand hill to look around... my feet were sinking into that soft hot sand... and that's what I saw on the other side of the hill. :)

Friday, October 07, 2005

Photo Friday (2) - "Five"

Another Photo Friday challenge, this week's theme is "Five". I didn't have time to take new pictures, so one that was taken this summer will have to do. I couldn't really decide which one to put, I have few others that would be fine as well, but I decided for this one. The bee is not sharp enough, I know... but I am still a beginner :). Well, what do you think? :)

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

My latest creations (3) - Polymer Clay

A glass covered with scrap clay with different prints on it and coloured with gold wax when baked.

Black and white necklace.

A bracelet - cane made with clay gun.

Black and white bracelet.

I'm having serious troubles with this picture posting here and writing text... these stupid lines just don't want to go where I want them!! :)

Monday, October 03, 2005

I'm A Mermaid!

your a mermaid! your very calm and cheery, and like
to keep to yourself. you adore water, and are
probably a decent swimmer. you don't like to be
confused, either, and like being in control.

what would you be in a fantasy world? (amazing pics!)
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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Photo Friday (1)

My first contribution to Photo Friday challenge with the theme "Darkness" for this week. I have no clue how this works but I like the idea since this is somehow forcing me to make more pictures.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

I have to go to work today... yuck!!!... I don't work Saturdays usually, but we have to make invenotry of the stock in our warehouse today and I have to be there, though I don't work in a warehouse at all. That sucks! Besides we have a new system this year - less people and more technology, so there is a big chance that something will go terribly wrong and we will have to stay there all day long. And I had so many plans for this Saturday... guess that will have to wait till next week!