Monday, March 23, 2009

On My Working Table...

Past week or two were quite busy for me. I can't really tell what I was doing, but everyday there was something to do and somewhere to go.
I took some time for myself this weekend while Nina was away with school and I played with clay again. That's what's on my table at the moment and what I'm working on (the other part of the table, which you can't see on the pic, is of course a total mess!) :)

When I am done, I should have quite few pendants that will look like this one - except for the shape, color, pattern on it and ribbon :))

Blog Awards

I got few blog awards recently. One is from Phoenix/MagDesign - check out her blog, her latest polymer clay creations are just lovely! Thanks a lot for this one, Phoenix.
The same one was awarded to me by Hali. She is a super mum who finds the time (I believe there must be some kind of magic involved ;) ) to create a lot of beautiful stuff of all kinds.

Another one is from Moi/ChezMoi - check out her blog, too, it's worth it. Her paperwork is wonderful and she is good with polymer clay and other things as well. Plus, she is a great friend. Thanks a lot for this one, too!

Now I should nominate few people to pass awards on. I'll do this the easiest way and nominate all of you who are on my link list on the right on my blog. So, that's done. Put them on your blog and pass them on, if you like.

Have a nice day and thanks again for the awards!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stamp Carving Again

I needed a flower stamp and although I have quite a few it came to my mind I could carve one. It has been a while since I carved stamps... after carving the first one, I did the second and the third... After quite few hours I run out of rubber and ended up with a pile of new stamps! :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cookie Like PC Bracelets & Some Computer Stuff

In my previous two posts I tried something new with blogger (at least new for me!) - that's scheduled post publishing. And guess what? It works just great! :)

All you have to do is get your post ready and then change the date and hour at the bottom of the post editor, tab "Post Options" (Možnosti objave). When you click the "Publish" (Javno Objavi) button, your post becomes "Scheduled" (Načrtovano). And when the scheduled time arrives, your post will be published - while you are sleeping or shopping or jogging or watching tv or making love or having coffee with your friends or writing your next scheduled post or whatever it is that you are doing at that time.
The other thing I tried is called Gimp, great software for quick (or not so quick) image manipulation. Usually I use Photoshop for editing my photos and other things, but my computer has some troubles with it lately (Photoshop burns A LOT of memory and my computer is rather old, that's why I had to find replacement for it). I discovered that Gimp is better as far as memory consumption is concerned - while it can do most of the things Photoshop does. Anyway, I downloaded Gimp and started using it and although it is very similar to Photoshop I had quite some troubles using it. Well, I still have some problems - I can't find things I am looking for and I still feel quite lost in there. The reason for that is really simple, I believe - not intentionally, I downloaded the Slovene version of this program! It is a good translation, well done, but it seems so funny and strange... and it's soooooo annoying! And it's sad that I don't feel comfortable using a program that is translated into the language I hear, speak and write daily.
Rounded corners on the photos in the past few posts are done in Gimp. I love them better that way. What do you use for editing your photos, if anything?

Thursday, March 05, 2009