Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bottles Of Hope

I'm so pissed off right now. Because of the bottles. Small glass medicine bottles covered with polymer clay. "Bottles Of Hope". What started like a very good idea has turned into something that can't be controled any more. And the reason for this is stupidity and desire for self promotion of few individuals who run this "game".

It started with an idea to make "bottles of hope" for some kids with cancer. On our forum about creativity, of course. At first we agreed to make 5 bottles each plus one for the swap. About 50 girls joined. Over some time the number of bottles we should make reached 1000 - this was a big plan of few girls who lead this project. They got the idea that the whole thing should be promoted in newpapers, magazins, radio shows and on tv. Why on earth is that necessary? I still don't get it, why should we promote our will to do something good all over our country!?! We are not talking about aids; people are still ignorant about aids here and I understand there must be a way to let them know how many are actually ill. But not with the cancer, I guess. We agreed to invest in the clay and spend our free time to make these bottles - and now there are some who want to make a big thing out of this, to become stars or something... everything for self promotion. I don't get that.

How can someone even think about going to tv and talk about the project where 50 people are involved if we don't agree with that? How stupid is that? Very stupid, I think, because it only made us pissed off and the whole thing just jeopardize the success of the complete project. And made quite some of us to withdraw before we wanted to.

We don't even know how ill people will accept that bottles. Well, now they will have to - with cameras all around they will not have a chance to say to a total stranger with a cute tiny bottle in his hands to go to hell. I know my dad would not want that - I know he would not want a total stranger to interfer in his illness and his medical treatment. He has his own reasons for not talking about his disease and everyone should respect that - no bottle can change this for him. I gave him one bottle to choose and he accepted it; but would it be the same if it was given to him by someone else who has reporters behind? No, it wouldn't. And some people just don't understand that - they pretend they are doing a good thing, but in fact they don't care about others... Now they even want that our friend, who runs the tv show about crafts for kids, talks about that in her show. I don't want to mention that they did that behind her back. B
ut the fact is - if I think my daughter is old enough to know about such diseases as cancer is, I will tell her that myself in a way that is apropriate for her... I don't want her to learn that from few sentences on tv show for kids creativity. It is just something that doesn't go together very well, I think.

I'm proud to be able to think with my own head and I'm proud I know how to tell my opinion about things. And I don't like stupid people - not stupid in the way that they are actually retarded or something - but people who are stupid enough to ignore everyone and everything to get what they want and who are blind. People who are not able to define their position with strong arguments and without insults. I can not discuss with such people because it's unfair encounter - and I have to fight with myself too hard not to degrade them which I could do very easily. Unfortunately, the girl who is our "representative" in this project, belongs to the "stupid people" group.

Anyway, I'm done with these bottles for some time. I'm out of the game but I will deliver the bottles that I already made and I truly do hope they will at least bring few smiles on the faces of the people who will receive them. And bring them some hope perhaps. I honestly hope that they will not know about the fights we had and still have about this project. But I know one thing - group projects can not be lead the same way as individual projects because sooner or later people who think with their own heads will stand out and start to fight back against stupidity.

We had a meeting last week, about 25 of us and we were making these bottles. We had a great time together, playing with the polymer clay, and it was very nice to work in a group of such special and nice people. I just hope we meet again soon... and I'm sure we will! I'm glad I can be part of this really special group. Thanks girls! And a boy!