Sunday, December 11, 2005

A Question For Cat Owners

How do you make your christmas tree "cat-proof"? How do you manage to keep your cat away from the tree?

I used cinammon powder under the tree last year - this worked pretty good until our Lin discovered he can avoid the cinammon by jumping on the tree instead of climbing. Spraying him with water didn't help either. When we are at home we have him under control. But when we are out, he's the boss of our house and sometimes he gets really crazy ideas. Christmas tree is surely too tempting for him and I know he can't wait we leave and let him alone with this big new toy. I already told him he will stay closed in another room for next month or so when we are not at home if his behaviour is inappropriate. He just said: "Meeeooow" and rubbed his head on my leg. It looked so sweet and it sounded like: "Of course, I'll be good, my dear human!" but somehow I'm sure that in cat's language this means: "No way you can keep me away from the tree with this threat!!"

Any suggestions what to do? Thanks in advance!


Mayhem said...

Wanna hear my suggestion?

No cat. No problem. Get rid of the cat :)

Anonymous said...

Easy Answer! Use my minature tree climbing guard dogs! I raise them in Ghana! Very cheap! Special price for you!

Tati said...

We used to drive a nail into the wall and tie the tree to it, to at least avoid the cat knocking it completely over. At some point, cats tend to lose interest in the tree. It's mostly just a matter of limiting the damage somewhat until they lose interest.
The best deterrent, usually, is the water pistol (especially if the cat doesn't see or notice that you are squirting the water). After a while she will associate getting wet as having to do with the tree, and leave it alone.
(Phew, that was kind of long, wasn't it).

Anonymous said...

Imej okraske iz stiropora. Te imamo tudi mi, saj je maček že prvo leto razbil vse steklene okraske.

Drugega nič ne pomaga, vsaj pri nas ne.

Meni je muc uničil drevo življenja. In ko je ostal samo še štrcelj, sem na mesto, kjer je stalo drevo življenja postavila kristusov trn (visok je bil vsaj 1,30 cm)

Maček ga je nekaj časa opazoval, nato se pa z dirom zakadil vanj s vsemi štirimi je objel rastlino.

Od tedaj več ne skače na rože. Če bi prej "odkrila" to čudežno zdravilo, bi kristusov trn prej nastavila mački, in bi mogoče kakšna roža preživela.

Anonymous said...

Cats do not like the smell of citrus or an orange!!!

Roberta said...

Thank you!!!

I parfumed our tree and it survived the first day home alone with a cat... so far so good, I just hope it stays this way; after some curiousity Lin lost his interest in tree. I did secure it with the rope though, just in case.

Kenny, thanks for your ofer, but I am afraid my black panther would eat your miniature tree climbing guard dogs!!!