Saturday, December 03, 2005

My latest creations (5)

Hello again :).

Here's what I've been doing for last few days... well, last week or even more actually. Some photos are rather bad, perhaps I'll replace them once in the near future. I need to put hooks to the pictures first, they are not completely done yet. I'm still thinking what to do with them... perhaps they will end up at charity Christmas fair in Nina's school. They said I can have my own stand there but I haven't decided yet. I will contribute quite few things, though.

Both glass plates are made in decoupage technique - first one with poppies is made with a napkin and the other one with roses cut from decopuage paper. Both are colored with acrylic paints and with rice paper added.

"Paintings" are made with napkin technique on wood plates - plates are painted with acrylic colors, some have gold wax or special glue added and they all have at least one coat of varnish.

Beaded bracelet was made for my Mum on her request. I like it, I think I'll make another one for myself as well :).

On the last two pictures is my best model, my biggest fun and favorite critic - Nina.


Karen said...

Quite lovely - you are very talented.
Nina is adorable!

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Beautiful and wonderful works worth collecting and will appreciate with time.

Well done and God bless.

David said...

Nice pieces again, Roberta. Last picture is the best though... Nina is really a work of art!!!