Friday, December 30, 2005

Candle holder

I made this yesterday. After quite some time I made a piece that I really like. It's not perfect... but it's so - me! It was made from my soul to my soul. And nobody else.

I usually try to make things that other people like, and honestly I've made some things I don't like and would not have them in my home. But now and then I make a piece just for myself. This is one of them. And as I have few more glasses like that, this one will get few brothers and sisters in the nearest future - as soon as I am done with the "bottles of hope" for the kids with cancer, I'll make more of them.

Btw, this is polymer clay on glass, gilt with gold wax.


Mark said...

That's truly amazing.
Do you melt glass yourself? How does that work?

Roberta said...

No, I don't melt glass myself. That's ordinary plain small glass (cup), covered with pieces of polymer clay, which becomes hard like plastic after baking. However, how to make such pieces of polymer clay is a bit tricky ;).

Glad you like it! Happy New Year!

Lisa, Paper Chaser said...

Beautiful!!! Nice work.

T. said...

That's amazing! You're very talented. I love to make things but I haven't done anything as cool as that. Great job.