Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Old Postcards

These are postcards I got the other day. I'm thrilled! I really like them - they're awsome.

I visited my parents this weekend. My dad opened the door and he had a bounch of old postcards in his hands. You see, he's collecting all kind of old stuff - postcards, coins, banknotes, pictures, beer labels, stamps,... for years. His collections are huge (though not very well organized) and he has many really valuable pieces. That's one of his obsessions - going to a flea market and antique market and bringing home old smelly objects that he gets for a reasonable price.

I enjoy helping him in sorting collections, but I specially like old letters, postcards and photos. They mostly have that wonderful old smell and I can read personal messages that were written years ago. Messages that were not ment for me to read them - but I can do that all the same.

It was different back then - with no phones people wrote more and their handwritings were much nicer than nowadays, at least in most cases.

Anyway, I saw dad holding these postcards and it came to my mind I need few for my collages... or something else, I just wanted to have few. I have a pile of old letters, I bought them on a flea market sometime this summer, which are rather old and they are just perfect for collage background. I needed some pictures and asked dad to give me some. He went to his "workshop" where he keeps most of his stuff and came back with a huge stack of postcards. Postcards that are not very valuable or something like that. I've chosen some with nice handwritings first and then I discovered there were postcards with people's faces as well, mostly women. I've been looking for such postcards or pictures for quite some time and finally I got them! Lucky me! :)

The oldest one was written in 1906 (oh, my... 100 years old and I'm going to glue them somewhere... how silly is that?!?! I guess I'll spare the oldest ones and save them) and the newest in 1939. I read them all and I keep looking at them and enjoying in the smell of old paper, antique handwritings and words that were not ment for me. They are fantastic. Perhaps they don't have any real value on the market, but they are just precious for me! It's a piece of the history I'm holding in my hands...

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