Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Proud Mum

Last week we had a charity fair at Nina's school. Before that there was a performance with kids singing, dancing and playing. They prepared all kind of appearances and they were all doing great.

Nina was singing in a choir and they really sang well. Of course the performance was made with Christmas inspiration and they sang "Ko bi ljudje ljubili se" - and I have no idea how this title and lyrics goes in English, but I am pretty sure this is an English christian song. Nina has a wonderful voice and is usally singing solo... she didn't this time, but of course I was able to hear her voice among others.

She is also in calisthenics group and they showed us what they have learned so far. It was nothing special really... but my kid was on the stage (uttermost left) and of course I was sitting there with the tears in my eyes and wide smile on my face, like Proud Mum should!

After the performance we started with the fair. Kids have prepared all kind of gifts and decorations in school, with teachers' help and guidance. Parents were invited to contribute their art work as well and I made 12 wooden plates with paintings which were all sold immediately. Of course, I volunteered for preparing the stand and selling there with another mum (the two of us are always willing to help with school activities while other parents are unfortunately more pasive). And guess what? We had the highest income! Hooray for 3.B class, kids and their teachers and two Proud Mums!

Here is how my wooden plates look like... I guess I posted some of them in one of my previous posts. I need to make quite few more till next week as I got few orders... Even my mum, who is usually rather critical about my work, asked me to make her few for Christmas gifts! I better start working, I don't want to disappoint my friends!

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