Sunday, September 11, 2005

My latest creations (1)

Here's what I've created this weekend. I had lots of free time and was in the right mood for doing such things. Besides, I managed to organize things in kitchen cabinets and my storage room - finally! Yeppie!!

I've made the box for my friend who has a birthday today (Happy birthay Dajana, and thanks for being such a good friend!!). It's a cardboard box, painted with acyrilic paints, craquelle medium and glued napkin motif with few layers of varnish.

T-shirts are for my friend's little daughters. Since Nina doesn't want to wear such hand painted T-shirts any more (she's a big girl now and wants to have only modern clothes, her mother's hand painted things are not good enough any more :)) ), I make them for other kids when I am in a mood for creating such stuff.

Both "paintings" at the bottom are made with napkin technique (somehow I can't avoid making folds!) on plaster frame, made from the mold.

And two more things I made this evening. Painted glass and little candle holders made of CD's.


Anonymous said...

kewl things! The box is amazing... looks really old. I wish I have a talent like that...

Tololy said...

You are talented Roberta. I will be coming back to yor blog, I loved it and loved your creations. keep it up :)