Monday, October 29, 2007

You Make Me Smile...

Lovely and talanted Jessica nominated me for You Make Me Smile Award. Woooow!!! That's awsome! Thanks so much Jessica! I'm sooo honored! Please go to her site and check her art, she makes amazing cards and other stuff, plus really fantastic photos. Her art will surely make you smile, too. It makes me smile for sure.

I have to nominate few other people for this award (if you are nominated and read this, pass this award on to others that make you smile), so here we go:
  • Isa with her Fimo by IC blog - she makes fantastic polymer clay jewelry and other stuff and I always find inspiration while watching her work. I just love the color combinations and shapes she is using - something I still have to learn.
  • Iris Mishly makes me smile with her blog Polymery Online with links to wonderful, useful and inspirational sites of other clay artists. On her blog you can find links to her other blogs, like her flickr album - besides providing tons of links she is also an amazing artist.
  • Lunes is the founder of The European PolymerClay People forum. I hope her work and energy she is putting into it will be rewarded soon - with clayers from around the Europe joining there in daily chats, exchanging of ideas and information and showing off their work. You can join too, it's free! Check her homepage to see her lovely work.
  • Godelieve with her StampingMathilda blog - I'm sure she doesn't stop by at my blog but I want to give her this reward all the same. I check her blog almost daily and I am amazed every time to see what can be done with paper and stamps. Her work is really fantastic and she posts pics of her new work daily, so there is always a lot to see.
There are quite some blogs and sites I check quite regulary that makes me smile. So, in a way, this reward goes to all of them. Thanks again, Jessica!


Godelieve said...

Thanks Roberta :)

Jessica said...

You're welcome! :) Oh, and i'd be happy to send you a Christmas card! i just added a link to my email on my blogger profile (not right on my blog, just my profile). Drop me a line with your address and i'll add you to my list this year. Have a great day!

Roberta said...

Huh... hi Godelieve!! What a surprise!

Jessica, I was just kidding... but I'll send you email all the same, I want to be on your list. :) You'll give me your address as well to get something back, right?

Iris Mishly said...

Thank you roberta :) it's my pleasure!

Lunesbijoux said...

Thanks Roberta - you are a real little diamond!