Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ok, now this is really annoying. My last two posts dissapeared, with few pics of Nina and her friends at her birthday party last week. Also, as I can see, the pics of my ATCs dissapeared as well. What the heck is going on here? I'll post Nina's pics some other day again, I wanted to show you my second "magic" witch wand today. I made one some time ago for a swap and I promised to a friend who was ill at that time that I would make one for her in case she is not able to participate. I made this one some time ago and I am waiting to give it away (which will be this Friday, I think) and I haven't made any pics. Well, I did that today but I have a new cam and I haven't figured out everything yet, so pics are not really good. I think I will have to join a course to learn about photography.

As usually, when I want to do something, Lin was in the way and was interrupting me all the time. But beside Nina he is obviously my greatest admirer and he likes my work. He also seems to be a good guardian, so this wand is safe beside him.


Anonymous said...

A to izrezlaš ven vse te detalje al kako? Men ni nič jasno pa bi bila vesela če bi vedela,kako se to dela. Izgleda super lepo starinsko,kašne škatlice bi bile tud lepe a ne?


Anonymous said...

maybe the wand can help lin learn to fly ???
Stu x