Saturday, October 06, 2007

More ATCs

Hello again,

I have been quite ill for past few days... well, almost a week. I had a virosis and this has been the most terrible version of virosis as far as I can remember. I haven't felt so bad in ages. I really should eat more vitamins and healthy food in general.

Before I got ill I finished few more ATCs. Here are the pics of the past and recent ones.

Here are my first 3 ATCs ever. Please don't laugh (although it makes me laugh every time I see them) :).

I saw pics of these girls on the internet. Again, I don't remember who the author was, I think they were drawn to fabric bags. I like them and copied them, drawing while watching the pics on the screen. The water color part for finish turned out prety well, I am rather pleased with the result. I guess I am not giving them away since the idea is stolen from someone else.

And few more, just the way I like them. At least most of them :). You can read about pics and stamps and such in previous post.

P.S. The next two posts are from today as well, I just didn't want to put all the pics together, it looks ugly and too crowded :).

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