Thursday, October 25, 2007

International Bead Swap

Swap!!!! I love swaps!!!! Do you??? Wanna join our swap???

I am the host of the first bead swap on EuropeanPolymerclayPeople. If you are a clayer or a bead maker, you are most welcome to join our swap! You can read all the rules and register on the above mentioned forum under Challenge section. Just in brief - register by sending me an email with your nickname and name and postal address), then make 2 beads sets with 10 beads. When the registration time is over (at the end of the month), you will receive 2 postal addresses to which you will send your beads by the end of November. You will get 2 sets of beads in return, by post from 2 different participants. Easy, right? And it's not that hard to make beads! Why don't you try and join us? The more people play, more interesting it can get. So..... welcome!!

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Hey! i'll have to check out the rules, etc. for this swap, but i may not have time to participate... Anywho, in response to your comment, i would looove to trade some cards for some of your poly creations! Hope you have a lovely day!