Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My latest creations (4)

I don't have time to do anything special lately. My days are so busy with other things that I simply can't find a time for my creations. Well, that's all that I've made in past few days.

The bottom two plates are made of plaster, which was poured into the mould made of fresh clay. Very interesting and rather easy technique with interesting and very unpredictable results. Kids can easily do that as well. The white one was made by Nina, I just helped her a little bit.

My Dad is still in hospital. He is not doing so good after the surgery. Everything was fine for first
two days, but then he got temperature, troubles
with blood pressure and puls beat. They somehow fixed that, but next day he had troubles with breathing and they put him to a machine which measured his breathing constantly. Today he had an X-ray examination of his lower part of abdomen as he had severe pain. Doctors said everything is fine and that we should not worry as he will be ok and all that is just normal (???). I just hope they know what they're doing!!!

Get well soon Daddy, please and come back home, we need you here!


Anonymous said...

Roberta, you make great things!
Wishing all the best to your Daddy and your family!

Best regards from your friend

Natasa said...

Sej bo vse okej, bos vidla. Ves da drzimo pesti!!!

Jude said...

Hi Roberta,

You are very welcome! How is your dad doing? Hope and pray that he is fine. I visited your blog the other day and I found out that you are very creative. Great designs and creations! Have a blessed day!

All the best,

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