Friday, October 14, 2005


Today I have a day off. I should do some cleaning and organise few things, not to mention the huge pile of clothes that are waiting to be ironed... but I am not in a mood for any of these things. Like usually :).

So I'm sitting here in front of the computer and thinking what to write about. Nothing comes to my mind actually. I was rather busy this week, I did so many things but there's nothing to show. At least not yet. I made about 20 small polymer clay sculptured plates for first swap I'm hosting - but I can't post any pictures yet as this must be my little secret till the end of next week.

This is our first swap with the other art/cratf freaks from "Skrinjica idej" (translated to English that would be something like: small chest of ideas) forum and I'm happy that so many girls registered. Yep, just girls! It seems this kind of creativity is reserved just for female population :). Anyway, I am looking forward to see all the lovely things they've made. Oh, and the topic is "Fridge Magnets" - I will post some pictures when the swap is closed.

I'm also looking forward for our first creativitiy meeting next weekend. One of the girls managed to find a place where we can gather and have workshops. Yippie!!! It will be so nice to see them all and to put faces to the names and nicknames. I'm sure there will not only be a lot of chatting, but also a lot of creativity shown. It's always good to learn something new as well as it is good to share your knowledge with the others.

Oh, and by the way, some of my jewelry can be seen on TV Paprika few times a week now, thanks to Irena!

I need to make an invitations for Nina's birthday party next week. She will turn 8 on 19th... it seems like she was a baby not so long ago and now she will turn 8?!? I already gave her a present - a mobile phone, really cute one, Nokia 6101 or something like that. That was actually the thing she wanted most for quite some time. Before I bought it, her father asked me (when he brought her back home after they spent weekend together) if I think it is a good idea and if she really needs a phone. I just said: "No!". Really I don't think this is a good idea and I know there is no need for kids to have a mobile phone at this age. But... what could I do? I mean, she doesn't really need it, but it is not harmful to have one, right? Besides, it's a good way to learn about finances as she will have to pay for her calls. And what's most important, she is soooo happy to have it - and I can always use this phone when I want to make her do something - it's a perfect weapon for "blackmail"! :) "If you don't do that immediately, I will have to take your phone!"... Luckily I don't have to use such sentences in our relationship - but you never know! :)

From "nothing comes to my mind actually" at the beginning of this post to babbling about my daughter... watch out for the day I will really have something to say!! :)

Have to go... have a great weekend, all of you who read this!


Kenny said...


I am a nice young man from ghana. I lost my parents to an alien abduction and I am begging you to please contribute a percentage of the profits from the sale of your wonderful crafts to my new money washing endeavor. Please visit my website. Kenny

Roberta said...

You just got +5 points for creativity, Dale... pardon, Kenny from Ghana :)))

Thanks for making me laugh :)))

Sandokan said...

Otrokom kupovat mobitele je totalna bedarija!!! Samo moje skormno mnenje!

Tud ti se lepo mej med vikendom! u

Kenny said...

You mock me, a boy named Kenny, a fine young man from ghana who wil never see his parents again until he too is abducted. Dale or Roberta, how many creativity points does it require to win something? Signed, Kenny, who is now weeping.

Roberta said...

Well weeping boy Kenny, the number of points to win something actually depends on what do you want to win :)) - but lets say... ummm... about 1000 and up. And they are not just for creativity, you know, there are different categories where you can get points.

Ohhh, and stop weeping, don't be such a whimperer... be a man!!! :)))

Dobar Danny said...

wake up Roberta, it's time to rock.

an admirer said...

you're cute!

soncnica said...
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Roberta said...

Haha Admirere, not really... I'm just pretending!

Boris said...

you and your creations?!!! You need to create more blog!
more blog!
more blog! (everyone chant)
more blog!
more blog!