Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My Latest Creations (2) - Beads

My daughter Nina - my most beautiful creation of all times... and also my best model!

I bought an orange arabic shirt the other day and needed some jewelry to match. My friends like the colors and few of them want to have exactly the same things! We'll see about that though...

Crochet wire with beads. This was my first try of crocheting wire and I just love the way it looks. Yeah, that's my style! :) I have to figure out how to make better clamps on the bracelets, though. And the necklace looks much better around the neck, it's not so twisted at all when you put it on. And by the way, beads on this one are dark red on light olive green wire, the picture is not really good.

Another try... with red beads again but on silver wire this time. I used new clamps here and they work fine. I made this one today and my fingers still hurt!!!

Nothing special, but I needed a green necklace... so I made this one in a hurry.


Stephanie Distler artist said...

Just beautiful Roberta, the children, work and everything..

Sandra said...

Hudo... kako pa si naredila tisto srebrno zapstnico z rdečimi bunkicami? Saj žice ne moreš kvačkati; ali pač? Tudi vsi ostali izdelki so prekrasni.

In res lepo manekenko imaš!


jade said...

so beautiful girl!!!!!!