Saturday, November 19, 2005


I just came home from our second workshop with the girls from "Skrinjica idej" forum. I guess I was not writing about our first meeting, which was held exactly one month ago... perhaps I was too busy with organizing photos and writing a report for it, I can't even remember. Or I was too busy with visiting my Dad at the hospital? Bye the way, he's out of the hospital already and is in the health resort now - he will stay there for another week and in December he will start with chemotherapy, as after the surgery the test of the removed tissue showed that the tumor was cancerous after all. But they removed it all and this chemotherapy is just in case if there was something left. Doctors said that if there were bigger parts of cancerous tissue they would have found them during examinations and that chemotherapy will "kill" smaller parts of cancer if there are any. So it's more like prevention. He will be fine, I know that!

Anyway, we had a great time today and this time the place where we have our meetings was even more crowded than last time. The room which we can use is in Nadgorica's fire station "hall" and is not really big but somehow few of us managed to prepare this place yesterday so it was big enough for all 40 girls and quite few kids as well. Few of the girls were working with the greetings cards for swap (2 times 20 greeting cards from 20 participants, meaning they had to distribute 800 greeting cards - I'm sure they will count and sort these greeting cards even in their dreams tonight!) and we exchanged necklaces and kid's fridge magnets for two other swaps. Then we were making greeting cards for charity. Well, I have to admit, I haven't made any! I was too busy with other things... like cutting the paper, chatting, organizing, taking photos... you know, things like that... playing the big boss :). Pizza was fantastic again as well as the home made pastries. And of course, greeting cards were all just beautiful.

Hope to see you again next month, girls!

These are my latest polymer clay beads. I used some old canes which I had in the fridge for quite some time and few of them are new. Actually I made them because I needed to make necklaces for the swap. They are not as nice as I would like them to be... though they didn't turn out so bad after all.

I made 6 necklaces which look alike though I used different beads as I wanted each one to be unique; and I got 6 beautiful necklaces in return. I'm really happy I was part of this swap. Thanks girls!! I enjoyed making my necklaces as well as I will enjoy wearing yours. We must do this again, it was fun!

Nina participated in a swap for children. They were making fridge magnets. Her "space alien snails" are made of polymer clay and she used some metallic powder and beads to decorate their shells. Like usually, she was too impatient and didn't take enough time to make them look better. But they are aliens, so I guess they must be weird :). They are cute anyway.

She got 9 or 10 magnets which were made by other kids, but I haven't seen them yet. I will wait for her to come back home tomorrow and we will put them to the refrigerator together.

That's it for today. I'm exhausted as it was long and busy day again. I need some rest... in a company of a good book most probably. Honestly, I would rather have different kind of company right now; but...

Good night!

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Nina said...

Zelo lepe ogrlice. Jaz bi take kupila za novoletna darila. Ali so tudi naprodaj? Tudi ostale stvari so mi vsec, kroznik in morda kaksna slika bi bilo prav tako lahko lepo darilo.

Lep pozdrav in se naprej veliko ustvarjalnih idej!