Sunday, November 20, 2005

What a mess!

I was out having coffee with a friend earlier. Oh right, I don't drink coffee, it was tea for me. Anyway, when I came back home after 2 hours or so I stepped directly into the broken glass. Anteroom was full of it... full of broken glass and other stuff as well. Lin was sitting on the other side of the anteroom, staring at me with that innocent look in his eyes and I know he was telling me: "It wasn't me, I was sleeping in my cat bed all the time while you were gone... that happend all by itself!"

Our stupid cat was obviously being very bored. He's not really stupid, but sometimes he acts like he is :). Now, he has tones of cat toys and other things to play with, which are, as I see now, not good enough for His Majesty. He dragged some laundry from the bathroom (why did I buy him a cat bed if he can make it on his own??) and it seems he was playing with my shoes as well (should I buy him a pair or two??). But this wasn't enough, he had to jump on the chest and he pulled down the cloth that was on it with everything we had on there, including a glass cup for keeping all kind of things in. It's amazing how many shards one small glass cup produces! And it's amazing how they spread around all over the place! This was the second time in a week or two he made such a mess - I was cleaning even more broken glass at 4am the other day when he pushed the glass tray from the kitchen stove... I was so sleepy that it didn't even come to my mind to take some photos then. There was no laundry or shoes at that time anyway, so it was not so interesting at all...

I needed quite some time to clean this mess... I guess I'll vacuum clean everything again just in case there is some piece of glass left. Of course I checked the cat and his legs seem to be fine. And luckily at least the vase is still in one piece.



Ivory said...

Hi Roberta, ur blogs are quite interestin and the clay stuff that u make... believe me it would sell in alot of countries, i'm from this place which was a former Portuguese colony on the Arabian Sea, and ppl here love such stuff. By the way, u got a very pretty daughter :)

Mayhem said...

If your house was on fire, I imagine you'd take a few photos first, publish them on your blog and then you'd call the fire department? :P

Roberta said...

Ummmmm.... eeerrr... khmmmm... let me think... NO! But I guess I'd call you to come here and do that instead of me while I'm saving my ass! :))

BTW, your imagination is really wild... and your comparison is rather bad :P. I would make another remark but I don't want to be as mean as you are!! :))

Lilit said...

Cats absolutely rule! :)
(don't mind puppy pictures all over my blog - my cat is the dog's boss...)

Mary Kaye said...

I used to have cats, grew up with cats. Unfortunately, I became allergic in my 20s. I'm here to tell you that no matter what cat-specific toys you get for your cat, he's going to keep playing with everything BUT the cat toys LOL. We once had a cat that was able to open doors; he'd jump up and somehow twist the door knob and get in whatever room we were trying to keep him out of. The messes he made out of things were amazing. They say curiosity "kills the cat" but it sure never killed any cats at my house :D.

I miss having cats - don't miss cleaning up messes like the one in your picture LOL.