Thursday, August 25, 2005

Past polymer clay creations

Here are pictures of my favourite polymer clay creations. Summer is just too hot for polymer clay work as clay gets sticky and samples don't turn out the way you want them. Well, they somehow always turn out a bit different as expected anyway :). And to be honest, this summer is not that hot at all. Which is driving me crazy!!! I want some sun and heat to get energy... these cloudy rainy days are just making me so depressive and lazy! Oh, well... maybe we will have more luck with the weather next year!

Torej, tule je nekaj mojih najljubših izdelkov iz Fimo mase. Poletje ni ravno najboljši čas za ustvarjanje, ker je prevroče in se masa lepi, vzorci se kvarijo in rezultat ni tak, kot človek nekako pričakuje :)... kar se pa itak zgodi le redkokdaj. Tole z vročim poletjem je samo izgovor, ker poletja letos tako ali tako sploh ni bilo... kar me spravlja v depresijo in me dela čisto leno, nobene volje in energije nimam. Mogoče bo drugo leto boljše... mora biti, drugače ne bomo preživeli zime!! Vsaj jaz ne :).


Charles Hulin said...

Lovely work!

Mô_ôM said...

Hi, Roberta !!!
Such nice work you are doing !!! You are really a mix-midea artist !!! That is great !!! I enjoyed a lot your post on my blog even you couldn´t understand Portuguese you did great !!! Very kind of you !!! My best regards for you too, I hope we could be in touch with my rusty writting and speaking English...