Friday, August 26, 2005

My "To Do" List For This Weekend

My precious daughter went for another vacation with her dad for few days. Again!!! Since summer holidays started at the end of June she seems to be away all the time! I guess she was at home for about 10 days in 2 months! Does that mean I am a bad mother (oh, well, we were together at the seaside for 2 weeks) or that my daughter is having wonderful summer vacation??? I have to ask her when she's back :).

Anyway, I have some free time... again!!!... Here are the things I need and want to do this weekend, not necessarily in this order:

1. Do laundry
2. Clean apartment
3. Put storage room in order
4. Throw away all the junk
5. Go out and have fun
6. Do more cleaning
7. Organize clothes in wardrobes
8. Organize working table:
8.1. Organize all the beads
8.2. Organize polymer clay
8.3. Organize everything else
9. Make two polymer clay bracelets for Jozi
10. Make another tray for Tina
11. Finish beaded necklace for Neva
12. Try crotcheting with wire and beads
13. Go out and have fun
14. Call few friends
15. Buy birthday present for dad
16. Clean fish tank
17. Play with the cat
18. Write letters
19. Bake cookies
20. Go to the library
21. Buy grocery
22. Go to the bank and pay bills
23. Go out and have fun
24. Paint the wall in the kitchen
25. Study English
26. Organize pictures on the computer
27. Write emails
28. Wash my car
29. Watch movie DVD I rented
30. Chat on MSN
31. .....

And did I mention I want to go out and have some fun? :)

Oh, boy, this list seem to be too long again!!! I guess I will have to skip numbers 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7. Again!!! Or maybe not this time... we'll see about that! I am optimistic person and hope some magic will happen to make my days longer or my weekend last 4 days instead of just 2. ***LOL*** Or a good fairy will turn up and do some things instead of me - those that I don't like to do... like numbers 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7. Then I will be able to handle all the others :)).

I wonder... do you make such plans as well and feel miserable after because you were not able to do everything? Or is this something that is happening just to me all the time?

I better get going... I will start with number 9 and 10 today!


elsa said...

She's gorgeous.

Baya said...

Don't worry, it happens to all of us. I run out of time occasionally, and i don't even have a child to begin with.