Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sofa Pin Cushion

I've made this one for the Pin-Cushion-Swap. Since I don't really sew, I was kidding that I am going to make my pin cushion of polymer clay and of course the girls were laughing. When I was trying to find an idea for what to really make, I remembered what I've said and had to try it. Of course now I have quite a few other ideas for such cushion, but I guess I will forget about that before I find time to realize them. I am too busy with stamping, scrapbooking and card making lately. You'll see some of the things soon.

Polymer clay, stamped with rubber stamp; cushion is filled with fiberfill and glued to baked polymer clay.


kenny said...


Anonymous said...

Ful je cortkan! Tud druge stvari so dbest. Bom še gdaj pogledala to stran.

Iris Mishly said...

This soffa is beautiful!