Friday, April 20, 2007


That's my new obsession, stamping. And I just love it. Possibilities are endless and I am having a lot of fun making them.

First card: girl and wings/leaves - MyStamps from Australia (thanks again, Stu!), punched flowers with Rayhers glass beads.

Others: leaves - MyStamps, flower - Clever Cut Stamps Away, swirls - Tuscan Rose.

Slowly, my stamp collection is getting bigger. I still have them all unmouted, I have to figure out how I will solve this. I guess the best solution would be a cling foam for rubber stamps and then I can use them with acrylic block just like all the clear acrylic stamps I have. But first I have to see how long this obsession will last :).

Yesterday I got 2 sheets of unmouted stamps from Aud Design and I cut them yesterday, so today I can start playing with them. I just can't wait!


QueenieCarly said...

Those are really gorgeous. I love the first one best.

How are you stamping them? Obviously, you're not just putting stamp to paper, sp what's your technique?

Aud said...

You make wonderful cards! Looks like you've been stamping for years! :-)

I can tell you, this obsession will last for ever! I speak from experience.
I have too many rubberstamps, wood-mounted, ez-mounted, un-mounted and acrylics. I'll never count them, don't want to know how many I have. - Then I think I'll find out how much money I've spent... *LOL*

Roberta said...

Queeniecarly: I am putting stamp to paper, coloring with water color, roll pens, ink and alcohol, cutting, gluing, punching, embossing... and I think that's about it for now :)

Aud: Thanks, it means a lot if I get such a comment from the master!
I don't have so many stamps yet and of course I want to have more - and I will have more! We should not be thinking about the money we spend for the artestic material, it's so easy to get a headache!! I know that well enough, my flat is full of boxes filled with clay, beads, paints, paper and everything else that is needed (and quite some things I haven't used yet! :))

Roberta said...


claygeek said...

wowww... you make fall in love with those rubber stamps