Sunday, April 15, 2007

Clay, chain and wire

I was playing with beads that I had left and new chains I got recently. I've made few things, here are two necklaces. I think I spent more time with Photoshop work than with putting necklaces together :)

I also tried few things with clay the other day and these two pendants turned out best. I made few more, but they are not as nice as these. I was not trying much to make this technique work properly as I was too busy with making cards (stamping and scrapbooking), but more about that next time.


Michael said...

Here via Blogexplosion.

I like the pendants, very creative. Maybe something the wife would like. I will Blogmark your site and check back.

Sewing Simple said...

Wow.. you did great work.. maybe you should sell on Etsy.Com..

Julynx said...

You works are magic!!! I love your blog! I added your link to my page