Friday, February 13, 2009

My 6th file in the 6th folder

I was tagged by K to show you my 6th picture in the 6th folder on my computer. A week or so ago I burned thousands of pictures to dvds, so the 6th folder is quite recent... until last week the content of the 6th folder would be a year or two older, but at the moment it holds pics from November 2008. It starts with Halloween pics; I know it's celebrated in October but we finished our party in November :)).

So, here is the 6th pic - kids posing, in this particular photo the girls are showing their crazy fake nails. Usually they pose a bit longer so I can make more pictures but they were in the middle of the game and they were not really in the mood for posing more.

This photo is also a part of my freshly printed 2008 photo book which I got few days ago (printed in BingBang store). It is my first photo book, it has 98 pages in A4 format and I love it!! When I have time, I will make one for 2007, 2006, and so on... I mean back :). Here are the photos of my book page where the same photo is printed, and also first and last page. As I said, I love it!

I have to tag 6 more people to show us their photos. Let me see... ummmm...

Lisa Gatz
Tina Holden

What you have to do is:
- post a 6th photo which is in your 6th photo folder on your computer
- tell a little bit about it
- pass this on to 6 bloggers

Če je treba napisati še po slovensko, pa kar povejte. Sem se nekako navadila, da tule pišem angleško, ker sem tako pač začela... pa že kar precej časa razmišljam o dvojezičnih objavah oziroma o še enem slovenskem blogu - ha, pa še za tega nimam časa... slike pa itak razume vsak, a ne? :)

Btw, today is Friday, the 13th! Be careful! :)


Lisa Gatz said...

Well, thank you for tagging me! I knew it would happen sooner or later!

I love that book! The kids all look like they're having such fun.

Mayhem said...

Kako naj vem kater foto folder je šesti po vrsti? Ne znam si tega razložit :)