Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blog awards

That's sooo sweet, all those blog awards. Even I got a few! One is from my talanted crafting friend Kitty:

The other one(s) is from a lovely talanted Romanian crafter Squash:

I am not really sure what the lasr two awards mean, but somehow I know it's something really cool! :)

My rewards go to few crafters who blog:

If you are listed and read this, pick up the award you like, post it on your blog and pass it on.

Take a look at their blogs, I am sure you will love their work and find some insipiration! Thanks girls!

P.S. The cane from the previous post didn't really turn out that well - it looks like a crossbreed of butterfly, moth and dragon-fly. I'll have to put together another one, which will hopefully look like a real butterfly! :) More pics when I find the cable for my camera...


squash said...

Thanks a lot for the awards, I'll pick them up and make them travel. What surprises me is that your butterfly cane didn't turn out right, it seemed simply perfect. But moths and dragonflies are also nice and original!

Phoenix said...

Thank you for the award, I picked it and passed it forward.
I'm very happy that I found your inspiring and very creative blog. Everything was really nice.

Have a nice weekend!

zabica67 said...

You surprise me a lot with givnig me the reward! Thank you!
And by the way, I like yours "left over necklaces"!

moi said...

U vidim, da sem bila tako presenečena nad prvo nagrado, da sem se pozabila zahvaliti ;)