Monday, August 21, 2006

Today's Work

I just had to play with clay today a little. Sitting at work is killing me, but I feel a bit better and it was not that bad. I just had to get up more often, that's it.

I don't like these canes too much, now I am sorry I didn't use some brighter color instead of that dark blue - but it looked quite well before I reduced the cane. Oh well, I will do better next time. Tomorrow, if Nina stays at the seaside with my parents. They left a week ago and unfortunately weather is not really good, so they will perhaps come home sooner than they planned.

And btw, today I discovered that we can resize pics here, during creating posts or editing them. I haven't noticed that before, and since I usually don't read instructions and tips and manuals and such things, there are some useful features I have no idea about, I guess. Maybe it is time I read about posting here :).

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