Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ohhhhh my....

look what I have found here - a blog! Poor neglected lonely and lately so very empty blog! There are many blogs like that, abandoned by their creators and owners; I have seen quite some when I was checking them more often. So why do I have to mention this poor neglected lonely empty blog?? Well, it's because it has my name on it, it has parts of my life and my work in it... because it's mine and it's me who neglected the poor thing! My little one, everything is fine, don't worry - mommy is back now and will take a really good care of you from now own!

Thanks to all of you who were visiting my blog and all of you who reminded me that I should post! I will make some pics of my new work ready to post them when I come home, though I haven't done anything really special lately.

I'm at work now and I have quite few busy days ahead. Luckily we have just 3 working days this week, so weekend is not that far away. Maybe I will even figure out what to write about :). Somehow I'm out of ideas right now!


URska said...

Dobrodošla nazaj :)))) ! Pa glej da, se spet kam ne zgubiš za toliko časa. Saj nočeš da je tvoj ubogi blogec brez mamice, ane? :))

kenny said...

If you need a topic, why not write about Kenny? he's the most handsome man in Ghana. and single, too.