Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My latest creations (7)

I haven't done much lately. Really, what have I been doing, I have nothing special to show? Where has my time disappeared?? Well, I made few things anyway and here are the pics of some of them.

Here are two beaded rings, on the left is mine, the right one is Nina's. And a fancy necklace in the middle - I'm pleased with it, it is just perfect for warm days and open t-shirt.

Making a caleidoscop cane. I'm still working on that, somehow I'm never really pleased with the result. I have made a a necklace for trinkets swap from these pieces, and I prepared pieces for a bracelet too. I had enough scrap clay from that cane for this plate, and for a spoon for Nina. She wanted a big handle, but I think I exaggerated a bit - she hardly holds it :)).

I finally started to work more in my colors, olive green and brown; I guess it's about time I make a few pieces for myself. I just love both above shown canes, and also the beads made of them. Though the colors are a little dark, specially on the one with the tiny pattern, it still looks good - much better than on the pics! :)

Another olive green and brown cane. In fact that was the first one. I don't like it that much, though I have a pieces for a bracelet ready; and I intend to keep it for myself!


Anonymous said...

Končno spet nekaj lepe paše za moje oči. LP, Svetlana

Anonymous said...


I am so happy to see that you are posting your creations again. I really like the cane work you posted.

I will definitely give a try to your suggestion about mokume gane. Welcome back, I'm adding your blog to my links again.

Tati said...

Beautiful work - as always.
Glad that you are "back" :-)

Anonymous said...

Večkrat pogledam vašo stran in sem vesela novih slik. Imam pa eno vprašanje. Ali obstajajo kakšni načrti za izdelovanje teh cevi z vzorci? Tudi jaz bi rada poskusila z izdelavo, ampak mi ni jasno kako se doseže take lepe vzorce. Hvala.