Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I think I have found a new addiction. I visited my parents on Sunday. My dad was solving a new kind of puzzles for some time now and mum was complaining that he does nothing but stares at his book with grids lately. I saw that grids filled with some numbers earlier, but it never really draw my attention. It did now. I was hooked as soon as my dad explained to me what it is all that about.

Sudoku - Su Doku - a placement puzzle. 9x9 grid made up of 3x3 subgrids. Various digits are given in some cells (it depends on the difficulty level) and the aim of this puzzle is to fill every cell in the grid - so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits from 1 through 9. These are the rules. No other rules. Guessing is out of the question, it would last too long... only logic works here.

There are probably different ways for finding right numbers or/and/with eliminating wrong ones... I think you figure them out as you do that puzzle and as you move from easy grid through medium to hard. Every Sudoku can be solved with just one possible solution - at least it should be - and if you take some time and let your brains do some work, you'll probably find it.

Want to play it online? You can do that on this site!

I think it's time I solve another one before I leave work! ;)


Anonymous said...

My father play everyday !

I have find several interesting website.

You can also play on
Daily Sudoku

How to play ?
There is a short animation that explains the rules : The rule of Sudoku

There are several options like colours, time ...

Nice game
Bye !

Anonymous said...

Roba, eto s temle Sudoku pa sem jaz zasvojena že kar nekaj časa (odkar so jih pričeli objavljati v novicah - sem jih reševala pri mami). Potem pa sem si kupila izdajo žepne knjige, ki jo zdaj nosim kar v torbici in če imam kdaj vsaj malo časa - že pišem in radiram. Ja, še radirko nosim zraven! Zdajle grem pa na tvoj link pogledat. A veš, da mi do zdajle ni kapnilo, da bi lahk šla na internet pogledat, če je kje kaj objavljeno. Sem navajena še starih dobrih križank v časopisih, ki morajo bit tiskane.

Lp, Andreja

Tati said...

Sounds like fun but I am always glad when I can shut down my grey cells for a while ;-)