Tuesday, August 04, 2009

End of My Summer Vacation, Unfortunately

Hello again,

Why does summer vacation always end much too soon while some days at work ("just" those 8 hours) seem to last forever? Doesn't sound quite fair, does it? Spending time at the seaside is something I really enjoy and I wouldn't mind staying there for another month or two without going home at all. But... that's the cruel reality, all good things come to an end sooner or later.

Once upon a time I made a huge pile of different beads (I must have really been in the mood to made so many, I just can't use them all!) and on vacation I was not just swimming, diving, lying on the beach and lying in the shade reading in front of our camper, but also being a bit productive; turning that pile of beads into necklaces and bracelets.

And while I was away, I became an aunt. My brother Oskar and his girlfriend Alja gave birth to their first son, the cutest little boy ever, Oskar Lev. Luckily I have really nice coworkers who took care of sending the baby shoes greeting from the previous post. I'll post a pic of my lovely nephew when I get a permission from his parents... and I can't wait to see him, hold him and smell him!


Tam Hess said...

Congratulations on being an aunt! I bet you will be a good one. :) The beads are beautiful, thanks for sharing. Tam

Renata said...

O, kakšna poletna proizvodnja. Super barve!

Pa seveda čestitke, teta!

moi said...

Si pa bila pridna ;) in nisi samo poležavala ;)

Čestitke za nečakeca.

lp moi

K said...

Čisto perfektno poletne barve! In čestitke za nečaka :)

M. Céu Fernandes said...

Hi girl.
My vacations are ending too. But life goes on...
Congratulation for your new nephew! Babies are lovely!
It seems you made lots of lovely things.
Have a nice week.
Big hug