Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's funny...

... how some things are synchronized. Let me explain. For the past few months I have not been in the mood to do anything. I haven't made one single thing since the end of last year. My computer was (and still is) turning off all the time because one of the fans stopped working. That didn't bother me, I thought it was actually good to spend less time in front of the computer and have more time for creating and doing other things. Now I keep asking myself how it is possible that two months passed by and I didn't even notice that... with nothing to show, nothing to boast off with, and not much to write about.

Anyway, Nina went to skiing vacation with her father on Friday. I did some cleaning and some repairing that needed to be done. Then I got together all the things for claying and started to play. I'm still warming up and still waiting for the ideas to fill my mind again and force my fingers to crave for forming clay or cutting and gluing paper. I checked my neglected blog and noticed that it had hundreds of visits in last two days. Strange. No posts in last two months and so many visits? I thought that must have been some kind of mistake in my counter. I clicked the first link in my link bar, Polymerclaydaily, which I just love as there are always pics and links of the most amazing polymer clay works. And there it is, my bead and my hand making a bead! Woo hoo! I'm honored. And thrilled, in a really good way. Thanks Cynthia! That will keep me going.

It's time for me to wake up from my winter sleep. Sometimes it's hard to do so, but in my case few of the events that happened at almost the same time are making it much easier. Thanks to all of you who were visiting my blog during the time of my absence and special thanks to all of you who keep reminding me that crafting is what I just have to do.

Best regards to you all and keep checking in here, I'll be around more often! :)


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I wondered what had happened to now you are back n famous (Polymer Clay Daily) you have to keep blogging!
Kylee xxxx And watch it you may just get tagged from my blog every now and again!

Anonymous said...

Hey Roberta, have been tagged....for more details look here
kylee xx

zoe said...

I really love your work - please don't ever stop!

Anonymous said...

Dobrodošla nazaj! Smo te že nestrpno čakali. Pa ne pobegni spet, a prav?