Monday, September 11, 2006


Few of the pendants I made during the summer. These ended up in Australia as an exchange gift for what I got from there. Thanks again, Stu!

I was playing with brushes in Photoshop and made those that are used on this pic - it's a great thing! I just have to explore it a little further. Summer is ending, days are getting shorter and there will be more time for such things. It is about time I start playing with this blog and make it look better. Not that I know exactly how to do that, but I will figure out something :).

It's 8 am now. Nina left to school. I am at home, having a sick leave as I started with therapy for my back. Electric massages, stretching, aqua therapy, exercises - hopefully it will help! I started yesterday and it was quite ok, I was just very tired afterwards and pain was stronger for quite some time. I took a pill and it made me sick again... but I still hope this therapy will have some good results. Keep your fingers crossed, will you?


Chana said...

the pictures of your crafts from your post are lovely. you are quite talented. morning. here from dr. John's blog. you are his link of the day.
back pain is truly hard and hurtful. i hope it all settles itself soon. have yourelf a good day.

Margaret said...

These pendants are gorgeous! I've been wearing a lot of natural, leather and beaded jewelry lately. (Have toddler can't stand to handle yet another broken chain) You are very talented.

-Margie (stopping by on the Dr. John Mothership)

Stacy said...

Your beads are awesome! How do you make the round beads from the flat slices without distorting the image? Not being particularly crafty, I'm wondering.
Here from Dr. John's.

Catch said...

I have one of the photoshops too, dont quite know what to so with it either. your necklaces are lovely. hope the therapy works on your back! Dr John is the reason I am here. Have a great day!

Roberta said...

Ummmm... Dr. John???

Thanks for your visits and comments!

Stacy, you put tiny flat slices on round bead made of scrap clay and roll it again. If you are careful enough, image is not distorting - but it happens sometimes.

Anonymous said...

WOW, I dont believe it, male jewellery??? FINALLY !!!
Stu sounds like a sweet guy and is luck to get such beautiful things from you.
sj. ohh yeah, dr john didnt send me - lol