Monday, March 23, 2009

Blog Awards

I got few blog awards recently. One is from Phoenix/MagDesign - check out her blog, her latest polymer clay creations are just lovely! Thanks a lot for this one, Phoenix.
The same one was awarded to me by Hali. She is a super mum who finds the time (I believe there must be some kind of magic involved ;) ) to create a lot of beautiful stuff of all kinds.

Another one is from Moi/ChezMoi - check out her blog, too, it's worth it. Her paperwork is wonderful and she is good with polymer clay and other things as well. Plus, she is a great friend. Thanks a lot for this one, too!

Now I should nominate few people to pass awards on. I'll do this the easiest way and nominate all of you who are on my link list on the right on my blog. So, that's done. Put them on your blog and pass them on, if you like.

Have a nice day and thanks again for the awards!

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