Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nuno Felting

For quite some time I have been fascinated by felted scarves and bags. Somehow, I didn't even dare to think I could do something like that. When I did some "research" with Mr. Google's help, I learned how to do it. It was quite a short, but also a messy, bubbly and wet way from learning visually to making my first nuno felt piece.

In short, nuno felting is a way of wet felting where wool roving is felted into silk or some other sheer fabric. In wet felting, soapy water is used to bind the wool fibers together - you put down layers of wool, dump them with soapy water and then roll and/or rub until wool fibers lock together and make a soft cloth. Nuno felting is the same thing, except that you use a silk or some other sheer fabric as a base on which you put wool. After fiber are locked together, you start throwing your piece (to the floor, sink is even better), which causes wool fibers to shrink for about 1/3, while the size of your base fabric remains the same - hence the wrinkles on the silk parts.

I bought merino wool and used silk... since it was just a try, I didn't buy whole rainbow of colors (yet!), just a few. Here are the results (on the last pic are needle felted embelishments):

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matilda said...

Šali so preprosto fenomenalni!!!! Se jih da kupiti? Zelo zainteresirana.
In punčke "od ključev" so me očarale. BRAVO!