Monday, January 29, 2007


It's hard to write a post after such a long time of no writing, specially if one doesn't have any good excuse for being absent. And not much to say about the time that passed. Not that I feel I need any real excuse for being away from this blog, but I know there are some people coming back to see if there are any new posts. They are the main reason I've decided I will keep going. I like to write and sometimes I just have to write, but somehow I've turned this blog into craft-oriented blog and somehow I just didn't write when I didn't have something new to show. Which is rather stupid, and I will change that now. So, from now on I will write more. About everything that is going on. About my days, sciatica problems, Nina, cat fur around the flat that is driving me mad, about the cake I made, about what my friend said about the other friend, about thoughts that are going on in my head and so on. At least I will try to. It's not January 1st, which is usually the best day for making new resolutions :), but it will have to be ok all the same.

That's it for now, I guess...

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