Monday, August 25, 2008

Before "Suzi Blu Petit Doll Workshop" girlies

I joined Suzi Blu's Les Petite Dolls Workshop a week ago. I was looking forward for this workshop to start and it was worth waiting. Suzi Blu is a wonderful positive person and a great teacher. Her workshop is a bit different (how often do you get a chance to attend art workshop that helds place in teacher's bedroom or garden? :) ), but full of positive energy and wisdom, like her videos are.
Before it started I made few girlies when I was on vacation. Some are not finished, some need just some more details added. I am looking forward to see the difference between these girlies and those that are going to be born in next month or two. It could be interesting :).


McCrafty said...

Lepo te je brati po doooooooooolgem času...slikce so pa mega ! lp, Poldi

Renata said...

Luštne slikce ... sem te pogrešala!


K said...

Oooo, she's alive!
Ravno danes sem mislila nate in na to, kako dolgo ni moj Feedreader ujel nobenega glasu od tebe :)

Najs girlies!

Mary said...

Roberta, thanks for visiting my site. Your girlies are wonderful!!! I'm working on mine...I'm still practicing the shading techniques.

Roberta said...

O, punce! Lepo, da ste se oglasile... je kar luštno bit pogrešan! :))

hali said...

Ojla Roba!
Tvoje deklice so prekrasneeee in so mi polepšale jutro,super!Ja res smo te pogrešale!