Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Latest Pendants

This is fun! No more nervous breakdowns because of the pics here on blogger. I don't know for others but I always had problems with loading and then arranging more pics at once. They were all around the site and every time it took me quite some time and patience to put them in order. And then I look at my site on my work computer and pics are not lined up! Now that's over, I'll use Slide more often. Anyway, here are some of my latest pendants... as usually, I gave some away before I could even took pics.


Carla said...

Very nice. All of them.


isa said...

Clap clap clap for your products Roberta, wonderful finish , I can't choice as they are beautiful !!!! Me to, I like the writed stamps, I think that it made the pendants live.... oup's I hope that you understand all of my "english charabia !!!" biz

Jessica said...

Wow, these are incredible! i seriously have to start branching out with my clay skills.