Sunday, July 12, 2009

Paper Baby Shoes

My dear friend Neva gave birth to her first child three days ago, cute little boy Anej. I wanted to make a really nice and special card for her. I print some patterns and ideas from the internet when I run into something I like... put prints into file and then usually forget about it. I found the pattern for those cute baby shoes yesterday and I decided to try to make a pair... it is, of course, quite addictive thing so I made 3 pairs instead of one. I'm going to put in little scroll with message - one for the parents and the other one for the baby. (If anyone knows who the author of this pattern is, please let me know, I want to give him/her a credit.)

I will need the second pair soon, when my first nephew is born. The new member of our family is due at the end of July and we are all hardly waiting for him to join us. I'll be on vacation at that time, so I have to figure out a way how to send those shoes to them at the right time.

The third pair will stay at home for now. I've already chosen a nice flower patterned paper in pink to make another pair, really girly one. I'll keep them like decoration, they are so cute!

Have a nice time!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Meet Blue

I've been away from this site for a while, again. I keep promising to myself that I will post at least weekly, but it's so easy to break a promise you make to yourself. I haven't been doing much crafts anyway, only some clay things and few greeting cards. Guess I was not in a very creative mood lately.

A little more than a month ago we got a new member of our household - her name is Blue (with full name Assaya Blue Velvet), she is a white/blue Shih-tzu and, no doubt about that, she is the cutest dog ever. Nina was so excited when we brought her home for the first time that she was holding her in her lap and crying for quite some time. Now our life is a bit different and luckily more active as we have to go out more often. She's smart and learning things fast, very friendly and always ready to lick everyone who is willing to cuddle her a bit. And of course, we already love this little fur ball to death!

At the moment, I am home alone with Blue as Nina is on vacation with her dad. I've always thought it was very weird that people talk to their dogs like they are kids, but now I'm doing exactly the same - not just giving her praise and orders, but... you know, talking, like she understands everything I say. Strange! :) I guess I joined the I talk to my dog club :).